Your mind is the scene of the crime.

I had been wanting to watch Inception again for quite a while, and the other night I finally sat down with my roommate to enjoy the DVD. I saw it in theaters, with most of the population, and enjoyed it immensely. I was thrilled to hear that it had received 8 nominations for the Academy Awards, including the coveted Best Picture. I’d like to see it win for Visual Effects, because there was quite a bit of seamless movie magic in that film that deserves recognition.  I was particularly vulnerable to empathizing with the film’s hero when I first saw it in theaters, having just gone through a traumatic break-up. I left the movie wishing I could question my own reality in such a way, dangerous thoughts that I soon snapped out of. But the ending bugged me, like an itch you can’t scratch. And I put off re-watching the film, because I was worried seeing that ending would bother me deeply all over again. Had I read the director’s thoughts on it, I would not have worried, but instead I watched it again, and was left with joy. Because, SPOILER ALERT, the real purpose to the story is not to make you question Cobb’s sanity at the end. No, it is make you realize that it because the totem is not longer his focus, that whatever reality he is living in, is the right one. His obsession with his wife and her misconceptions of reality are done away with. The only reason he doubted so much was because she doubted. As he says at the very beginning of the film “Ideas are like a virus.” He infected his wife, and was in turn infected. The true message of Inception is simple, and asks to remember the important things, our family, children, etc. So now instead of being unsettled, I am reminded, and rejoice in Cobb’s reunion with his children. The real person standing in his way was himself.


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I am a lot of things. I am a Entertainment Business MS, I am an artist, and a writer. I am a friend, sister, daughter, and niece. I am silly and smart and sometimes funny. Altogether, I'm thoroughly Chelsea.
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One Response to Your mind is the scene of the crime.

  1. jlscott13 says:

    Great insight! I enjoyed the movie, and felt the same way after having seen it in theatres. I do need to see it again, though.

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