Unexpected Benefits

Today I arrived home from visiting Boise Idaho, current location of my boyfriend. No I’m not happy, and yes I miss him. We are six months into our relationship, and nearly two months into a long distance relationship. It sucks. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, has declared that long-distance relationships are a waste of time. My opinion? I disagree! Not only because he’s a great guy and his family is so nice to me, but because I just had an opportunity that I might not have had otherwise. I start full time at my job in a week, so my travel time will be even more limited. But this trip worked out perfectly, and I got to experience a new state, I got to experience the wonders of LAX an O’Hare airports. I got to hold, (and shoot!) several different types of guns. (More on that later.) I saw mountains! I went snow tubing and ice-skating and rock climbing, things have I haven’t done in so long. I also went to my first hockey game! It was a wonderful break from my life, and a great couple of days. And even if our relationship ends tomorrow, I will have some great memories and interesting stories to share with my friends. Totally worth it Mom, totally worth it.

On another note, shooting is FUN. I always said, oh, I couldn’t ever shoot a real gun. Turns out I can, and well enough to hit more 3 inch targets than my boyfriend, on my first go at it, I might add. I shot a handgun, a .22 rifle, and a shotgun. The handgun and the shotgun were LOUD. VERY LOUD. I liked the .22 the best. It’s a culture thing up in Idaho; everyone can talk guns, and does with great enthusiasm. But what I enjoyed best about that morning when we went shooting, was the quiet. We went out into the foothills of the mountains, and it was as quiet as I remember morning in my childhood, much quieter than Orlando ever gets. The sky was blue and the hills were white and brown with snow and dirt, and it was so peaceful. Birds called and ground squirrels whistled. I will remember the peace there, and that’s why I want to go back.


About chemdani

I am a lot of things. I am a Entertainment Business MS, I am an artist, and a writer. I am a friend, sister, daughter, and niece. I am silly and smart and sometimes funny. Altogether, I'm thoroughly Chelsea.
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