Meet the Author

HI!! My name is Chelsea, it’s a pleasure to meet you! This is a collection of my opinions, on life, the universe and everything. I am a young professional, with my Master of Science in Entertainment Business and my Bachelor’s in Computer Animation at Full Sail university. I work at Disney, and am on my way into the world of animation. My dream job at Disney is in Guest Relations, and am also working on that! I am a Set-up Artist by trade. I am a lover of children and sunshine, dancing and singing. My opinions have been shaped by years of homeschool, helping to raise my six younger siblings, 11 years of competitive swimming, a healthy dose of Disney, and a lot of reading. I’m a crazy spiritual girl, Jesus is my pal, and some of His opinions might slip in here as well. If you want to know, yes I have a boyfriend, and he’s awesome. I share my opinions with you, because I believe every opinion is worth sharing, to whoever wants to listen. This blog will contain bits and pieces of my life, my projects, and my opinions. Enjoy!